Characters for Writers

Character Inspiration #2


An angel, with incredibly long, white hair and icy eyes.  Avenging the death of the girl he loved and fell from Heaven for.  His vengeance burns all in his wake.  This created an all-out war with demons.  What he learns later is that his love was killed, as he killed this demon’s consort in the epic battle for Earth a millennium ago.

Twist this to fit your vision of angels and demons.  Add some additional characters and a human faction, if you want, that knows of the existence of angels and maybe they help to keep this information from the masses.  Now, add some freaky looking demons and creatures.  Think mythological.  Incorporate some other supernaturals.  Hey, you can even add your own fictional world, with its own rules.  Or witches and magic…

Be as creative as you want, or keep it simple and build up the drama and suspense.  Impress me!

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