Now that my course is done, I am ready to focus on the next big challenge.  For the last four years I’ve wanted to take part in NaNoWriMo and every year I chicken out, because where will I have time for work, reading, blogging, and writing…  And all of the other things, like exercise and me time and family time and friends time?  Now, this year, I still have all of those things to worry about, but I want to challenge myself to see how hard I can work on this before I crash and burn…  Or maybe not…


This starts in November…

If you don’t know what NaNoWriMo is, it’s National Novel Writing Month, a month dedicated to writing 50 000 words in one month, essentially starting and finishing a novel in one month…

Did I explain that well?  Dunno…

So, now for the planning part:

  • Start with a sentence
  • Describe the Story
    • Expand the sentence to a paragraph
    • Then write a paragraph on:
      • Beginning Act
      • Middle Act
      • Final Act


  • Name them
  • Storyline (part to play in the plot)
  • Goal (what do they want)
  • Motivations (why do they want it)
  • Conflict (what stops them from getting it)
  • Epiphany (what will they learn / how will they change)
    • Expand on the above answers (now you should have at least a page per character)

Write a one-pager on each significant character from their point of view:

  • get to know the character
  • their backstory
  • where the story starts
  • where their story ends
  • why they should be in the story

19 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo”

      1. Depending on your synopsis… I have read your thriller writing in some post, so I know you can write that genre. So till I read the YA contemporary I wouldn’t know which is better or which plot is better

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      2. Oh yes. I would love it and link the previous post and put in a poll… Yayy girl you are hot and happening. I am so excited for you. You need a cheerleader when you are writing… You have me right in your corner!!

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  1. Oh how exciting! I don’t find Nano participants that often ‘ 😊 I’m doing it too! I’ve done 3 camps and two full nanos. I won one which is the MS I’m currently editing. A contemporary fantasy. I outline in October, which is what they call “Preptober” and then write like crazy in November 😊 I was going to write the sequel but I decided to write a new WIP I started outlining 😊 can’t wait to chat about it!!!

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